Gm Application - Hyper

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Gm Application - Hyper

Post  DipStickHead on Sun Oct 11, 2009 2:35 am


Game name:Hyper

GM experience:Eh.. Ive Been GM In most games probably 4 i guess. I'm pretty used to it so i bet i can handle being a GM on a Digimon Game. =\

Reason why i want the position:Well mostly because this game is fun i guess i wanna enforce the rules when yall are offline and mostly it's to irritate people. Razz

Good points:Video Games, Causing Sorrow to other's, Having Fun (Sometimes), Being a fag to many.

Bad points:Hacking, Causing good thing's to happen, Getting a friend something important, When impatient acts like a total douche bag, Don't care about you certain players out there that much Aka : No Shit Sherlock.

Have you broken any rules:None.

Extra Information:I really didn't put much heart into writing this lol.. Razz Evil or Very Mad Suspect confused Sleep santa lol!


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