Allco GM application

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Allco GM application

Post  Allco on Tue Dec 22, 2009 11:09 am

Key: Allco
Game name: Allco
GM experience: I have been a GM on 2 privious Naruto games, but that was a while ago Razz
Reason why i want the position:I like the game and want to help people, Also if we have more GM's, then more people will join game making the game even more fun
Good points: I'm patient and can get along with other people. I am also on byond quiet alot now Very Happy I also have quite good grammar, however, i get less patient if im being ignored by somebody
Bad points: Sometimes i might not be on byond for abit.
Have you broken any rules: Nope Razz
Extra Information: I'm funny, awesome and i follow the rules


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