List of Playable Digimon Guide

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List of Playable Digimon Guide

Post  Matrix Sofes on Sat Jun 13, 2009 10:29 pm

Now first off, this guide isn't teaching you how to play or even give requirements that are needed for the more detailed stuff. I am however, going to list where they can be found.

Koromon: Is a Starter Digimon.
Wanyamon: Is a Starter Digimon.
Budmon: Is a Starter Digimon.
Chibomon: Alphamon's store. Located in the center section, upper right.
Gigimon: Same as above.
Dorimon: Same as above.
Gummymon: Same as above.

Agumon(Savers): Digivolve Koromon.
Gaomon: Digivolve Wanyamon.
Lalamon: Digvolve Budmon.

Veemon: Digivolve Chibomon.
Guilmon: Digivolve Gigimon.
Dorummon: Digivolve Dorimon.
Terriermon: Digivolve Gummymon.

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