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Exeagle gm app

Post  Exeagle on Sat Nov 07, 2009 6:28 am

Key: Exeagle (beyond member)
Game name:Exeagle
GM experience:Well 1 im not going to lie to you.... i am mainly a dragonball z admin alot of the games im admins on dragonball z Digimon is new to me the games are i wocth all the movies and shows i know some of the in and out iv hosted alot of games as well i wont mind if u dont pick me becase i no i got much to learn but thats one reson i wont to be a gm to learn new things help players etc
Reason why i want the position:Well i wont to be a game master to help players with all they need to no with the game... i will kick all disrespectful players and people who make the game not fun for others
Good points: dont no sorry
Bad points: dont no sorry
Have you broken any rules:nope
Extra Information: im 17 turning 18 i finish yr 12 in 2 weeks and im all good to help with games im allso a good video maker i no how to advertise a game well


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