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New Player Walkthrough

Post  Grey on Fri Jun 12, 2009 2:01 am

THIS IS A GUIDE FOR NEW PLAYERS. I'll update this as the game progresses


After you choose your name, you get the choice of 3 digimon, Wanyamon, Koromon, and Budmon. After you choose your starting digimon, you get the choice of choosing either joining the side of "Holy Saints" or "Chaos Knights", with only slight differences between each side.


You'll have several commands, such as Loading and Unloading d-chips, which your digimon are stored on, Save: allows you to save your game, OOC: Allows you to talk, Attack: Allows you to attack. Use:allows you to use an item (if u have one)


When you join the game you'll notice a few a few paths leading North, South, East, and West. Each path is filled with Digimon of certain levels. Since your digimon will start at the rank "In-Training" West is the best , and only at this point, place to train. Soon you digimon will Digivolve, and rank up. For future ranks,
Rookie is North, Champion is East, Ultimate is South, and Mega is near your starting point.

[b][u]Digivolving and Ranks

Your Digimon will start out at In-Training. When your digimon's level reaches its Aptitude It'll Become a rookie. Same thing goes when your digimon is rookie, so he'll digivolve, and become a Champion. For Champions to become Ultimates, You'll need to train your level to reach your aptitude AND have defeated 75 Rookie digimon. For Ultimates, the requirement is to have defeated 125 Champion digimon.


[b]Supplies and getting more digimon

At the shop, you can purchase Digimon and Supplys. The supplys are: Red-Disk (heals your digimon)
Aptitude Increaser (increases your aptitude, did i really have to explain that?)
x2 Exp Disk (dbls the experience you get from defeating digimon for 20 mins)

You'll also be able to purchase Digimon: Chibomon


Your stats increase with your level and rank, Attack (affects how much damage you do) Defense (affects the damage you take) Speed and Spirit dnt currently affect anything but will come in handy later, Aptitude is very important, It determines wat lvl your digimon can go to : for instance if your Apt, is 10, your digimon can only go to 10.


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