Newbie Guide :)

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Newbie Guide :)

Post  Godsblade on Fri Jun 12, 2009 1:23 am

ok heres the guide
well start with stats

Basic Info
Name: Your name
Alliance: Just determines if your good or bad what Digimon you fight and friends you make
Current Digimon: The Digimon you are using in case you forgot or wanna know its name Very Happy
Species: There's Beast, Dragon, Plant/Insect, Aquan, Bird, Machine, Holy, and Dark. This is what type of Digimon you have
Level: Your level
Health: Your hp (how much damage you can take)
Attack: The damage u do
Defense: Decreases the damage you take
Speed: Makes you Faster! xD
Spirit: (Not Implemented Into Stuff Yet) :S
Aptitude: This is the max level you can go to. Each Digimon has a unique Aptitude. (Can be increases with Items.)
Until next Lvl: It shows your current experience and how much experience you need example 2391/4500
Other Info

Bit: $$$MONEY$$$ xD
Battles Won: How many players you've defeated in PvP Area
Megas Defeated: How many wild Mega Digimon you've defeated.
Ultimates Defeated: How many wild Ultimate Digimon you've defeated.
Champions Defeated: How many wild Champion Digimon you've defeated.
Rookies Defeated: How many wild Rookie Digimon you've defeated.
In-Trainings Defeated : How many wild In-Training Digimon you've defeated.

In-Training to Rookie = Level 10-11
Rookie to Champion = Level 20-28 and 75 Rookies kills
Champion to Ultimate = Level 33-36 and 125 Champion kills
Ultimate to Mega = Level 50-60 and 300 Ultimate kills
good parts:)

Inventory = items you have
Info = everything above :S
Commands: the stuff you can do Razz
Commands you have are
Attack: Basic attack
Load/Unload D-Chip: this to load or unload ur digimon
OOC: Chat
Save: Save Game
use: Use a item (if you have one)
talk: talk to NPC

Items u can buy
Red disk 1: Restores your Health
Apt: Increase your max Apt
x2 exp disk: Doubles your xp gained

D-chips you can buy
Gigimon - 100,000 Bits
gummymon - 100,000 Bits
chibomon - 75,000 Bits
Dorimon - 75,000 Bits
Guide to where u need to go
In-Training - Go to the left
Rookie - Go straight up
Champion - Go right
Ultimate - Go straight down

Mega go into the purple portal near the Item shop Smile

There is a boss at the end of the Rookie Area. He is Black Agumon and he is a mean sucker Smile
Most players suggest wait until level 15 and <u>DO NOT DIGIVOLVE!</u>
You cannot fight the Rookie boss unless you are a Rookie!

Oh yeah, when your fighting try to attack there backs, makes it a little easier Smile

Guide to How to lvl uber fast?

Ever woder how to get lvl 99 or 199 in less than 1 hour?
2 simple rules

In training 20xp(40)[80]
Rookie 50(100)[200]
Champion 85(175)[340]
Ultimate 150(300)[600]
Mega 300(600)[1200]
HINT BUY A 2x XP i put the xp u get with 2x in ()'s Smile
ALSO U GET 4x FROM EVENTS there in []'s
when u get mega train on ultimates til lvl 100 or 120 then try to kill megas THEY DO ALOT OF DAMAGE AND U MUST BE lvl 199 WITH A WICKED PARTY FOR THE BOSS

GUILDS w000t
Steel Fang
Forest Guardians
Mystic Dragons
Crimson wings

Wanna find the leaders?
there names are kept secret for there safety cuz ppl tend to Talk to powerful ppl for no reason Razz

Want To Know What To Digivolve To?

Koromon lvl 11 > Agumon lvl 22 > Greymon lvl 35 > MetalGreymon level 55 > WarGreymon
-------------------------------> GeoGreymon lvl 35 > RiseGreymon lvl 55 > ShineGreymon

Wanyamon lvl 10 > Gaomon lvl 20 > Gaogamon lvl 35 > MachGaogamon lvl 55 > MirageGaogamon

Budmon lvl 10 > Lalamon lvl 20 > Sunflowmon lvl 35 > Lilamon lvl 55 > Rosemon

U read this whole thing u must be newb Click here for ur prize;)srry that was a teaser if u want a kewl Bloody fight click here if not *shrugs* Smile *enjoys the blood*

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