The Guide For the New Digimon Tankyuu

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The Guide For the New Digimon Tankyuu

Post  Neo Gene on Fri Aug 14, 2009 6:25 pm

Well we start of as nothing click the screen and the magic will happen

HP:The Health you have so if you lose it all you die
Attack: makes your attacks stronger each time you level up
Defense:it makes you not die faster
Speed:it makes you dodge attacks each time you level it up i guess?
Alliance:Chaos Knights & Holy Saints they are finally different if you pick Chaos Knights you get dark Digimon and if you pick Holy Saints you get the normal versions of the Digimon
Spirit:it the MP of the game but no Special attacks for now <.<
Apitude:the Cap level you can increases it in the shop just buy the Apitude Chips
Species:well there's Dragon Bird Beast Plant and more

Well heres the other info
Bits:are the f***ing money
Wins:how many battles you won in the PvP arena
Rookie Kills:how many Rookie Digimon you Killed
Champion Kills:how many Champion Digimon you Killed
Ultimate Kills:how many Ultimate Digimon You Killed
Mega Kills:how many Mega Digimon you Killed
In Training Kills:how many In Training Digimon you Killed

Now for the Digievolotions Very Happy

Rookie: reach level 10-11
Champion: Reach Level 20-28 oh and 75 Rookie Kills
Ultimate:Reach level 33-36 & 125 Champion Kills
Mega:Reach Level 50-60 And 250 Ultimate Kills

Well There the Shop Keepers The Tamer Team Guy The Scientist The assassinate of The Scientist and That old Digimon

The Shop Keepers Inventory
Red disk 1:It recovers your hp til 40 and its 1000Bits
Red disk 2:It Recovers your hp til 100 and its 2000Bits
Red disk 3:It Recovers your hp til 300 and its 5000Bits
Apitude Chips:it makes you max Apitude higher 75000Bits
2X EXP Chip:it make what the chip says it is but for 20 Minutes 50000Bits
Titan Sword disk: Increases your attack by 20. Cost 100,000 Bits
Behemoth Shield disk: Increases your defense by 20. Cost 100,000 Bits
Phantom Boots disk: Increases your speed by 20. Cost 100,000 Bits
and now the useless one
Mage Gem disk:increases your MP by 20 (pretty useless for now)
OverDriveDisk: it let you go some where in when your a mega digimon

The other Digimon you can buy
Chibomon - 75,000 Bits kewl digimon
Dorimon - 75,000 Bits its okay
Gigimon - 100,000 Bits worth getting
Gummymon - 100,000 Bits Good digimon to get

Where to train is
just go straight north west for Holy Saints and north east for Chaos Knights

The EXP you get from killing enemies
In Training:30(60)(120)
this are for the new Digimon tankyuu so don't say they are wrong.

Crimson wings - Phoenix
Steel Fang - Grey
Shining Dragons - Matrix Sofes
Forest Guardians - Akumu Arashi
Level 120 the req i don't know why they changed it

Thats all i need to say when its updated ill change the guide

Neo Gene.

Very Happy

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