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Begginer Guide

Post  Rolo_lamperouge on Fri Jun 12, 2009 1:19 am

Hello there this is a Guide on how to play Digimon Tankyuu


Title on the title screen you click New then it asks for your name
After you chose your name it asks for a starter Digimon Koromon(digivolves into Agumon)Wanyamon(turns into Gaomon)and Budmon(turns into Lalamon) these are all the starters in Digimon Savers or Digimon Data Squad

Exploring then it asks you to Choose an Allinment (Dosent affect ur game play) good or bad the Places that you go to is this <--- Training ^Rookie Champion > Ultimate V you must be those ranks to enter the doors When you enter the Small Angled Areas are Safe zones while the wide zones you attack

Digivolving: if you look on your Stats bar There is a thing called Apitude that is the lvl you need to be before Digivolving
Kills to advance : rookies for champion is 75 champions for ultimate is 125 and ultimate for Mega is 300 Kills of the Rank

Extra's There is a Mega door (still in Progress i think) and a PVP zone (just added)
and Shopping
Shopping Items:
Amp Increase =Adds your Apitude by one-750k
x2 Exp Increase=Multiplys the EXP you get by 2-50k
Red Disc = Heals your health-500k
Buyable Digimon:
Chibodomon - Digivolves to Veemon-75k
Dorimon-digivolves into dorumon-75k
Gigimon-Digivolves into Guilmon-100k
So enjoy your time at Digimon Tankyuu!


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