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Post  Phoenix on Tue Jul 07, 2009 5:39 am

-Basic Info-
Name: Your name
Tamer Team: Either Chaos Knights or Holy Saints
Current Digimon: The Digimon you are using in case you forgot or want to know its name
Species: There's Beast, Dragon, Plant/Insect, Aquan, Bird, Machine, Holy, and Dark. The type of Digimon you have
Level: Your level
Health: Your hp
Attack: Increases the damage you do
Defense: Decreases the damage you take
Speed: Makes you faster?
Spirit: Used for Special attacks (not in yet)
Aptitude: This is the max level you can go to (Can be increases with Items.)
Until next Level: It shows your current experience and how much experience you need

-Other Info-

Bit: Money
Battles Won: How many players you've defeated in PvP Area
Megas Defeated: How many wild Mega Digimon you've defeated.
Ultimates Defeated: How many wild Ultimate Digimon you've defeated.
Champions Defeated: How many wild Champion Digimon you've defeated.
Rookies Defeated: How many wild Rookie Digimon you've defeated.
In-Trainings Defeated: How many wild In-Training Digimon you've defeated.
NOTE: u will have to gain these defeats for each digimon u have and not just 1


In-Training to Rookie = Level 10-11
Rookie to Champion = Level 20-28 and 75 Rookies kills
Champion to Ultimate = Level 33-36 and 125 Champion kills
Ultimate to Mega = Level 50-60 and 250 Ultimate kills

Garret: Where u join either Holy saints or Chaos Knights, where u get your digivice and your first digimon
The elder: Where u get your tasks
Shop Keeper: Where u get your D-chips and Supplies
-Items you can buy-

Red disk 1: Restores Your Health by 40. Cost 5,000 Bits
Red disk 2: Restores Your Health by 120. Cost 10,000 Bits
Red disk 3: Restores Your Health by 300. Cost 15,000 Bits
Apt: Increase your max Apt by 1. Cost 75,000 Bits
X2 exp disk: Doubles your Xp gained last for 20 minutes. Cost 50,000 Bits
Overdrive disk: Increases your Attack and Defense by 70 for 20 minutes

-D-chips you can buy-
Chibomon - 75,000 Bits
Dorimon - 75,000 Bits
Gigimon - 100,000 Bits
Gummymon - 100,000 Bits

All of the digimon are in the same portal -they just change when u Digivolve-

-Tasks-(So far there is only1)
  • Deliver Part - U have to get the Ancient Cog and talk to Mr. Nora.

-Exp u Get -

In training 20xp (40) {80}
Rookie 50(100) {200}
Champion 85(175) {340}
Ultimate 150(300) {600}
Mega 300(600) {1200}
Buy a 2x XP the Xp u get with 2x in ()'s
ALSO U GET 4x FROM Tournaments there in {}'s

Crimson wings -
Steel Fang - Road Kamelot
Shining Dragons -
Forest Guardians -

The requirements for the guilds are Level 99

Want To Know What To Digivolve To?

-Holy Saints-

Koromon level 11 > Agumon level 22 > Greymon level 35 > MetalGreymon level 55 > WarGreymon
-------------------------------> GeoGreymon level 35 > RiseGreymon level 55 > ShineGreymon

Poyomon level > Gomamon level > Ikkakumon level > Zudomon level > Vikemon

Tokomon level > Patamon level > Angemon level > MagnaAngemon level > Seraphimon

Note: I didn’t put the levels for the digimon because I don’t want to give false info
-Chaos Knights-

Wanyamon level 10 > Gaomon level 20 > Gaogamon level 35 > MachGaogamon level 55 > MirageGaogamon

Budmon level 10 > Lalamon level 20 > Sunflowmon level 35 > Lilamon level 55 > Rosemon

Botamon level > Blackagumon level > Monochromon > Vermilimon > Blackwargreymon

--Buyable Digimon--

Gigimon level 11 > Guilmon Level 23 > Growlmon level 35 > Wargrowlmon level 55> Gallantmon

Chibomon level 10 > Veemon level 26 >Veedramon level 35 > AeroVeemon level 55 > Goldramon

Dorimon level 10 or 11 > Dorumon level 26 > Dorugamon level 35 > Dorugreymon level 55 > Alphamon

Credit goes to Godsblade for his guide that I edited by a lot

Ps I will make it better when I get more info

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Post  DigiMasterFroo on Thu Jul 09, 2009 5:05 pm

nice guide, ;o.


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Very nice

Post  Str4ngthz on Sat Aug 22, 2009 10:53 pm

ya great guide

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